Questioning Roe v. Wade has enthralled the Republican constituency in the past few decades. courtesy Flickr

Democratic Party needs reformation, relevance

Though the Republican Party has faced fire for its lack of morality, the Democratic Party needs to change its strategy to succeed. The GOP is dead. The Republican party has left fiscal, judicial and moral conservatism behind for deficit-expanding tax cuts, partisan enforcement of the law and a president with no moral grounding on any […]

courtesy The Independent

Ronaldo accused of rape

Soccer journalist Chris Lierly details the latest allegations against the Juventus player. There were major developments in both the Premier League and the Champion’s League last week. United’s board of directors backed Mourinho, Bayern and Real Madrid are struggling, and Liverpool stumbled running the gauntlet. But one story should take precedence over these: on Wednesday […]

Court packing hampers progressive decisions

The nine-justice system accelerates decison making within the judicial branch and has been responsible for many landmark cases. Due to the absolute madness that the Kavanaugh confirmation has become, the Supreme Court has reentered the forefront of the American political debate. Setting aside the drama of the past week and a half, the current SCOTUS […]

Lowering refugee cap symptom of xenophobia

Reducing the number of refugees permitted into the U.S. furthers the Trump administration’s desire to isolate the nation. Last Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the United States would only accept 30,000 refugees into the country this year. It was a disheartening but in no way a shocking announcement. That is down from […]

graphic by Conner Maggio

Conference-by-conference college football preview

Soccer journalists Chris Lierly and Andrew Noland join real football journalist Lindsey Prather to make their predictions three games into the season. SEC: Andrew: *Cue the slow clap* The SEC managed to make it out of the second-weakest overall non-conference schedule mostly intact; even Missouri has narrowly emerged undefeated with a terrible game against Purdue. […]

Experts disagree on who will win this year’s Premier League

While predictions seem easier now that the world’s most formidable league is in full swing, Chris Lierly and Andrew Noland came to the rational conclusion that getting paid was better for posterity. Chris: 1. Liverpool FC So this is anything but objective, but Liverpool will win the League because of the most dominant attack in […]

Trump presidency not affected by outrage

Although discourse around Trump’s administration focuses on scandals, his power may only be checked by the midterm elections. November marks the second anniversary of Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States. Since then, he has turned the national news cycle into a “What did Donald do today?” section. I mean, really. For two […]