TU presents Top Ten Freshmen at Homecoming game

The Top Ten Freshmen were chosen after an extensive application and judging process. Each student excels in leadership, community service, campus involvement and academics. These are all-star students that represent the best of their class and are very driven and successful individuals. They are sophomores now and you’ll find them around campus leading organizations and over-achieving beyond bounds.

Eye on the World

Australian leaders debate child terror detention In Australia, politicians have proposed terror legislation that could allow children as young as 10 years old to be held for two weeks without charge. Some politicians say the legislation is necessary, as the Islamic State specializes in recruiting children. Opposition politicians and some charities, such as Unicef Australia, […]

TU campus collision: vehicle damages Norman apartment

Two students and a fluffy dog were relocated last week after a driver accidently backed into a Norman Village apartment. According to campus security reports, a student was backing out of a parking space when they accidentally clipped the car beside them. “Instead of hitting the break, they hit the accelerator, which then forced the […]

Eye on the World

Protests against arrests in Hong Kong Last Sunday, thousands of demonstrators protested against the recent arrests of Umbrella protest leaders in the streets of Hong Kong, while China celebrated the 68th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. The prisoners, Joshua Wong, Alex Chow and Nathan Law, led hundreds of thousands protesters as they called […]