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Interview: here comes the Boom

An exclusive interview with the Golden Hurricane’s quarterback, Seth Boomer.

TU football has experienced a major lineup change. After the Golden Hurricane’s loss against Temple, starting QB Luke Skipper experienced debilitating injuries that were unspecified but pertained to the upper body. Starting RB Shamari Brooks was also unable to compete after the loss in Philadelphia.

The shocking catastrophe of injuries in the starting backfield forced the coaching staff to go to the drawing board and experiment with reserve players to fill the holes. Corey Taylor was the next on the roster to start at halfback in place of Brooks, but the team had two quarterbacks, Chad President and Seth Boomer, waiting to line up behind center.

Traveling to Houston to take on the Cougars, Tulsa started redshirt freshman Boomer. The young QB’s first offensive possession consisted of three passes: a near interception, a big pass to WR Justin Hobbs and then a touchdown pass to Keenan Johnson that gave Tulsa an early lead against their rivals.

“I was excited, man!” Boomer exclaimed after the game. “It was an amazing opportunity I couldn’t afford to waste.” All night, he stayed surprisingly calm in the pocket. Boomer took on lots of pressure, but was still able to maintain his drives. A few close calls, near picks and an intense pass rush had the crowd on its feet. All eyes were on Boomer from every corner of the field. “I was very nervous at first, but I had faith in my teammates and coaches. So after the first snap, it was all gone.”

With Taylor leading the rushing attack, the offense was able to stay ahead of Houston for most of the game. Houston eventually overcame the Golden Hurricane, but the team’s young QB turned a lot of heads and made quite the impression in his career debut.

Boomer threw the ball 31 times and completed just 13 passes, but 25 of those hit the targeted receiver’s hands. He threw one touchdown pass, one interception and a total of 227 passing yards, the second most in TU history for a QB in his debut. Taylor also impressed by setting a new personal record in rushing yards, as he went for 152 yards on 33 attempts.

When the Golden Hurricane hosted No. 23 USF, Boomer started again, but now with Shamari Brooks back in the lineup. Surely the nationally ranked and undefeated USF could easily pass the 1-4 Golden Hurricane, right? With one game now under his belt, the redshirt freshman QB put the Bulls to the test and shocked crowds again last Friday.

Boomer had no fear against USF’s defensive line, which is one of the best and biggest in the nation.

“I held a lot of faith in our OL upfront,” he stated. “I was confident they could hold back whoever they had running at me.” Immediately into the game, Boomer was throwing bombs. In their second drive, he found Josh Stewart for a 27-yard gain and then Jarion Anderson for a 14-yard passing touchdown. He held the lead firm, but he wasn’t only passing. Once again calm in the pocket and scrambling like a pro when the line failed him, Boomer was able to rack up 46 rushing yards.

Boomer completed six of his 21 passes against the Bulls for a total of 79 passing yards and one touchdown. He didn’t commit any turnovers, but was sacked three times.

The team may have not snagged the win against USF, but it was certainly exciting for every “Cainiac” to watch them give an undefeated, nationally-ranked team a run for their money. “Playing on a field like this, under these lights, is something I’ve always dreamed of. It was pretty surreal and I plan to make a difference every day on the team with my teammates and coaches,” Boomer said.

With starters back, and Boomer gaining more experience, the tide for the Golden Hurricane is beginning to change. With the thunderous commotion of a new QB stirring the pot, victory is on the horizon.

Post Author: Devyn Lyon