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China’s disastrous actions warrant US separation

The United States ought to continue to decouple its economy from that of the People’s Republic of China. Our dependence on power-hungry and despotic authoritarian regimes is dangerous and unnecessary. In an interview with Chinese state-run news outlet Global Times, former Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political […]

A CGI rendering of the coronavirus with the the world transposed on it, representing the overtake of coronavirus. courtesy peter-gamal/pixabay

US compared to the world on COVID-19

As the U.S. surpasses other countries for the highest amount of confirmed cases, we are lagging behind in testing internationally. The COVID-19 pandemic is arguably the most significant epidemiological event since the 1918 Spanish Flu. Different countries at different stages of outbreak have handled the pandemic in dramatically different ways. On account of that, it […]

Xianjiang’s distance from the coast has made integrating difficult. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Chinese government has tried to destroy Uighur culture

By forcing the Uighurs into internment camps, the government has begun an ethnic cleansing. If you thought Western neocolonialism was bad, wait ‘til you get a load of Chinese neocolonialism. In China’s western provinces, and especially in Tibet and Xinjiang, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is engaged in ethnic cleansing. As of May 2019, the […]

The first day of hearings showed how much controversy one hearing can cause. courtesy PBS

Televised impeachment hearings make for a spectacle

Making these hearings more accessible is the right thing to do despite the drawbacks. I’m not going to bother devoting much time to the actual content of the impeachment hearings, because it’s basically just red politicians versus blue politicians, and the ultimate outcome is already set in stone if you ask me. (The House will […]

Critics of the bill claim it is a further loosening of gun restrictions. courtesy Flickr

Permitless carry bill unlikely to affect gun related crime rates

Though supporters and critics of the law have labeled it the end all of gun laws, that simply isn’t true. Oklahoma House Bill 2597, which was passed in February and went into effect recently, legalizes permitless carry (also known as constitutional carry) of firearms for anyone who is allowed to own a firearm. To some, […]

“OK boomer” follows horseshoe theory

Millennials and boomers mock each other in similar ways. Watching arguments between these two generations is kind of like watching Instagram influencers flock to Chernobyl ⁠—they’re both rife with cancer. All this has happened before, and all this will happen again. From Hesiod’s “Ages of Man” and the deterioration seen there to the Biblical Fall […]

Chances of a no-deal Brexit only increase after EU extension

With another parliamentary election coming in December, Johnson could get the numbers he needs. Brexit has been delayed, again. The initial vote for the U.K. to leave the EU was in June 2016, three-and-a-half years ago, and the actual act of leaving has been delayed three times now. This is, by nature, a polarizing issue […]

Oklahoma passes a new law that does not require citizens to have a permit or a license to carry a firearm. courtesy pxhere

Oklahoma passes 324 new laws starting Nov. 1

The new Oklahoma laws include a wide range of topics, from a state astronomical object to permitless carry. The legislation passed during the 2019 Oklahoma Legislative Session is in effect as of Nov. 1. A total of 324 pieces of legislation were passed; most were relatively trivial, such as House Bill 2380, which made it […]

A Slate journalist made the connection, and Romney has confirmed the theory. Somebody’s gearing up for another presidential run. Mitt Romney, who recently resurrected his political career in the Utah Senate, has a secret Twitter account, complete with a pun-based alias. The governor-turned-failed-presidential-candidate-turned-senator has put out a meager 10 tweets using the alias “Pierre Delecto” […]