The Echo Dot, convenient but not overwhelmingly helpful, is a well-priced tool. Photo by Adam Lux

Echo Dot no longer a novelty, but has its flaws

Sponsored content: The Amazon Echo Dot has many useful features for a college student. I’ve been using a new piece of tech. For the past couple of weeks, an Amazon Echo Dot, provided for review by U.S. Cellular, occupied my bedside table. One of the most apparent and exciting aspects of the Echo Dot is […]

Meltdown, Spectre and what they mean for you

Three huge computer security vulnerabilities were recently discovered which put private information nearly all computers at risk. If you own a computer, tablet, or smartphone, your devices probably have a huge security flaw. On January 3, three major computer security threat discoveries made by Google Project Zero in conjunction with a number of other researchers […]

Second semester freshmen anger, annoy

The newly emboldened second semester freshman are way too confident in their ability to be successful in college to the annoyance to everyone else. As classes start back up a new breed of college student joins us: the second semester freshman. Because of these overconfident, self-concerned brats, upperclassmen are now terrified to hang out anywhere […]

graphic by Madeline Woods

Man fixes superiority complex by asking girl with Nirvana shirt who Kurt Cobain is

Using the magic of musical snobbery, one local man was able to cure his superiority complex. A small miracle occurred last week when local TU douche-canoe Chaz Cardwick was transformed into a lovable, accepting guy due to one small act. Cardwick is known for being “knowledgeable about music” or, in layman’s terms, he only likes […]

The newly discovered orangutan courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Science news roundup

Nobel Prizes The 2017 Nobel prize recipients were announced October 3. The physics, chemistry and physiology or medicine recipients are as follows: Physics: Rainer Weiss, Barry C. Barish and Kip S, Thorne “for decisive contributions to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves.” Chemistry: Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson “for developing […]